Back Belt-Female Small/Medium Light Grey Obusforme


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Designed to promote proper posture and good body mechanics to help maintain a healthy back * Can be used while lifting pushing pulling walking exercising and repetitive bending or twisting * The ObusForme Back Belt comes in four sizes specifically tailored to the shape of the female physique * Size Sm/Med fits waist circum. 26 -32 * Conforms and supports the lower back promoting muscle relaxation and proper alignment of the back * Built-in ventilated lumbar pad provides additional support to the lumbar area * Breathable nylon mesh wrap with adjustable hook and loop front closure holds the belt in place * Lightweight; Sleek stylish low profile. Wear on top of or under clothing * Designed for industrial and/or personal usage; any profession and task where proper posture and good body mechanics are important * All materials are hypoallergenic * Hand-wash * Color: Light grey * Average lead time for shipping: 19 + days.


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