Fitness Ab Roller for Abs Workout/ Abs Wheel Equipment for Core Strength/ Ab Roller Equipment with Non-Slip Handle


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  • 😃 LET’S ROLL!Warm up the body, sets of stretching or how about trying something cooler and more effective? This ab roller will helps target your abdominal muscles, train your entire core, and takes you on the way to that six pack
  • 😃Well Constructed – Our AB wheel workout roller is made of high-quality hard plastic and steel for durability, safety, and load capacity. The abdominal wheel is made out of durable non-slip rubber and sturdy stainless steel that ensures stability and comfort for your workouts.
  • 😀Single Giant Wheel – Not like other ab wheels, our ab wheel has only one single giant wheel. Extra large 2” width wheel enhances stability when you are rolling out. All fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, can work with this.
  • .😲ERGONOMIC DESIGN! Train with the awesome fitness equipment you deserve. The skipping rope is constructed with lightweight ergonomic handles for extra comfort and a strong grip. The jumping rope can be adjusted to the desired height and can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • 👍User-Friendly for Both Beginner and Advanced Levels:Core-strengthening training equipment for ab roll-out exercises; suitable for beginners and advanced users can withstand high-intensity can be used by almost all men and women of weight.


AB Roller is efficient to activate and strengthen your muscles in different parts, including ab, arm, chest, back, leg. Not only for strength training, but also beneficial for core balance control, suitable for both men and women. You can use it together with other fitness equipment to enhance your training result, such as ab stimulators, core sliders, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull up bars, pushup handles, weight lifting bench, battling ropes, etc.

Definitely a must-have in your home gym storage.

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