IMMUNZ Immunity Support – Natural Immune Defense Formula – 90 Capsules


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IMMUNZ Immunity Support Formula*

Maintain Natural Immune Defense*

Immune Formula with Elderberry, Quercetin and Vitamin C*

Ingredients Supported by Scientific Research*


Brand:Intechra Health


IMMUNZ is a specialized immune system defense formula developed by Intechra Health to offer daily support for a healthy lifestyle. The powerful antioxidants contained within this proprietary blend enhance your overall wellness plan by providing a free-radical fighting boost and support for healthy respiratory function.

The IMMUNZ formula contains:

• European Elderberry Extract

• Quercetin Dihydrate

• Vitamin C

With a guaranteed dose of this antioxidant trio, you can be confident knowing you are doing something impactful when it comes to promoting optimal healthy immune system strength. IMMUNZ is the perfect choice for ensuring you are consuming therapeutic levels of antioxidants that have been scientifically studied and shown to be effective support for healthy immune and respiratory function.

By taking IMMUNZ every day, you know your immune system is being given a steady flow of antioxidants that pack a powerful punch to potentially harmful free radicals. This, in turn allows your immune system to focus on keeping you as healthy as possible.

Just as critical to your health as what a supplement contains, is how it is sourced and manufactured. The maker of IMMUNZ, Intechra Health, is a family-owned, USA based company that pays careful attention to the process of manufacturing to ensure that all FDA guidelines are adhered to, every step of the way. Each ingredient is globally sourced for premium quality and then manufactured inside certified laboratories within the United States to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

You can’t go wrong by adding this daily support to your overall wellness routine. The ingredients within IMMUNZ have been used traditionally to reduce common cold and flu symptom duration, as well as to help keep the immune system functioning healthily. This means that history has shown the ingredients to be powerful weapons in the fight to defend your healthy immune system function.

Don’t go another day without IMMUNZ powerful immune system defense, get your bottle today!


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