Massage Gun Percussion Deep Tissue Muscle Vibrating Relax Massager with 4-Head


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The impact massage gun works by transmitting pressure pulses to deep tissues. 

The deep tissue massager it produces can soften stiff muscles and relieve the tissues around them; thereby alleviating muscle stiffness and soreness; promoting blood flow and producing a relaxing effect in the treatment area. By rhythmically tapping your muscles with the massage head; it helps speed up the recovery of athletes from tense exercises and makes it easier for those who need to relieve pressure; anxiety; soreness; pain or muscle tension. 

There are four adjustable speeds and four head accessories of different sizes and shapes designed to meet different needs and target specific areas of the body. Up to 3200 strokes per minute; this massage gun can deeply massage 6mm muscles.
(please note that the massage gun is not applicable to diabetes patients and some problems of the spine and back.)


1. Battery capacity: 2000mHA
2. Speed range: 4 speeds intensity adjustment; 1800-3200rpm
3. Running time: 4H; Type-C charging
4. Running noise: ≤45db
5. Amplitude: 7.5mm
6. Size/Weight: 16×16.5x6cm/0.67kg
7. Equipped with several massage heads: 4g
8. Thrust/torque: 12.5KGF=122.5N
9. Shell material: aviation aluminum

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